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Change your thinking

What will YOU do to help make Lagos great? Make a commitment today.

Get Involved.

We all have a part to play in making Lagos the wonderful place that it can be.

Pledge Anything.

Whether it is to start picking up litter in your neighbourhood; stop using the phone while driving; anything.

Just Act.

If we all do our little bit, Lagos can be a great place to live!
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About Us

The SPIRIT OF LAGOS is the life of Lagos. It is the embodiment of all things good about Lagos and the very lifeline that connects its glorious past with its future that we all earnestly desire.

It is about SOCIAL JUSTICE, all are respected and rights are preserved; it is about CIVIC RESPONSIBILTY, understanding that we all have a part to play in developing and sustaining our communities and public services; it is about CITIZENSHIP, our voluntary commitment to knowing and maintaining law and order and yes, it is about GOOD NEIGHBOURLINES, doing unto others as we would like done unto us - all for one, one for all.

That is the spirit we want to restore, share and protect, that is the true spirit of Lagos.

So, what if residents of Lagos started seeing the upside, a positive outlook on our city?

What if we all believed we have a role to play in developing and sustaining our communities and started doing our bits?

What if we saw ourselves as partners with our government, state and local and started collaborating with them in taking ownership of public facilities?

What if we all voluntarily chose to obey the laws of the land with limited need for enforcement towards a peaceful enjoyment of our Lagos?

What if we all actually started caring for one another as our neighbour’s keeper, treating others as we would love to be treated?

What if we all really slowed down and stopped competing for self-interest, focusing rather on the common good, believing that what is good for all is good for one?

What if we all started changing our thinking, believing that with our hearts, minds and hands, we can transform our Lagos to a global, safe, welcoming, thriving and vibrant city, a beauty for the world to behold and enjoy with us?

Well, then we would have restored the spirit of Lagos, with our heads help up high among the league of great cities of the world. We would have created a place we are proud to live in, call home, bring friends to and bequeath to our children’s children.

This is our dream and our pledge to our Lagos as we commit ourselves to unearthing, restoring, sharing and protecting the true spirit of Lagos.

We firmly believe that we are the custodians of our own values and the responsibility rests solely on us, not others, to dig out our gold nuggets and make them shine again. The time is now for us as residents of this great city, just like our forbearers did, to begin to collaborate and build that dream place again. Yes, it is us and the time is, right now.

Together with all who live in and love this unique city, we celebrate The Spirit of Lagos. We invite you to join us.

Contact Us

You can contact us at:

Spirit of Lagos

c/o TBWA, 5 Harold Shodipo Crescent, Off Joel Ogunnaike Street, GRA Ikeja, Lagos.


You can also connect with us on the following: